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Alessandra Pinna

Alessandra Pinna graduated in 2007 with 110/110 and honours in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Sassari. In 2008 she started her adventure in nanobiotechnology with an internship at University of L'Aquila working with ceramic nanoparticles for biological applications.
In 2008 she took the Italian license to practice as a pharmacist and in 2009 she was awarded of a Master and Back studentship funded by the Sardinian regional government to work in the Institute of Neuropathology at University Hospital of Zurich on a project related to the pathogenic mechanisms involved in neurodegenerative diseases. In 2010 she decided to move back to the University of Sassari, as a post-graduate Research Assistant, in the Laboratory of Materials Science and Nanotechnologies (LMNT) led by Prof. P. Innocenzi, after being awarded of a second 2 years scholarship from the Sardinian regional government and she started working with nanomaterials with antioxidant property for biological applications. Since November 2012 she is working at LMNT (University of Sassari), as a full-time research student to achieve a PhD degree in nanochemistry, nanomaterials and functional materials. Google Scholar webpage ResearchGate profile


Barbara Lasio

In 2006 Barbara Lasio has achieved a Laurea degree in chemistry at University of Sassari with a research project focused on the stability of the anatase phase in titania nanostructured particles. In 2007 has attended a master degree in Nanobiotechnology held by PortoConte Ricerche s.r.l. with a 3 months internship within LMNT concerning the synthesis of superparamagnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles (SPIONs) coated with TiO2 for biomedical applications. In 2010 she was awarded of a two years personal fellowship by Sardinia regional government to develop a research project related to edible coatings with antibacterial activity containing silver nanoparticles for food preservation within the laboratories of LeaNanoTech and LMNT. In 2012 she took a position as post-graduated research assistant for one year project based on the development of thin films with embedded graphene sheets. Throughout these years she has achieved a great deal of experience in X ray Diffraction, X ray Fluorescence, FTIR spectroscopy, UV VIS spectroscopy, thermal analysis TG-DTA, synthesis of nanoparticles (TiO2, Fe3O4) and thin films (TiO2, SiO2, CeO2) by EISA sol-gel, coprecipitation and other techniques. Google Scholar webpage ResearchGate profile



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