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Instruments and lab equipment

1. Materials Synthesis

  • Evaporator (Rotavapor);
  • Sonicator;
  • Laboratory incubator;
  • Thermostatic Ovens;
  • High temperature furnance Annealing in O2 atmosphere up to 1000C.

2. Coating and Film Fabrication

Dip coater: a home made instrument for film deposition via dip-coating: this tool is designed to deposit films from a liquid phase with high homogeneity and uniform thickness.
The relative humidity and temperature within the deposition chamber can be carefully controlled. The system has a slow processing rate that can eliminate the vibration of the motor allowing the formation of thin films of high quality for functional applications and devices.

Spin Coater/Dryer- Specialty Coating Systems Model G3P-8A: spin coating is another common technique to deposit thin films from a liquid phase onto a solid substrate. A drop of precursor is placed on a substrate, and the droplet is forced to spread out while the solvent evaporates.

3. Characterization


  • Other techniques

    (X-ray diffraction, Contact angle measurements, Light scattering, Porosimeter, Indenter, TG/DTA/DSC)

  • Shared Facilities

    (FT-Raman, Confocal Raman Microscopy)


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Updated 24 April 2018

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